Awww, snap!

This is what I looked like yesterday. On my long past due wishlist was a decent-lenght skirt with pockets. Luck had it waiting for me to pick it up, and of course, wouldn't wanting to ignore it, I took it home. I kid, I kid, but it's made of a realtively a classy fabric so that it makes me feel more conscious about wearing it. I love clothes that create a certain state of mind. The skull tee, converse and polka dotted tights are no news, but I wear what I preach, ain't it so? I envisioned this as a perfect outfit for fall, a mix of transitional items.

Eqaully important or more so, I'm keeping a close eye on what is popping out on the runway for SS10. Anxiety & anticipation beaucoup!

Sweet treats,


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