Writing thoughts with strawberry jam should be compulsory

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I read something the other day that semi-puzzled me: "I'm of the belief that if you do good things, if you're a kind, interesting person, at the end of the day all the right people will know." (source & an exceptional street style blog: I browsed it untill my index finger hurt). So, should one be a quiet achiever or just brag even before got started something? At first, I thought quiet achieving might be a contradiction in terms. It's a-ok to be happy with oneself and keep all the cool facts for yourself. My only dilemma is what happens if somebody else could have a useful input if they knew about it? An input could be a collaboration, a feature with mutual benefits, a buyer, a client etc. depending on the type of activity. Then what?
Oh well. Just one thing I'm sure about when it comes to writing, promotion or even choosing something, anything: most of the time, people are bad at predicting what they would like. Yes.

P.S. Wish I invented that heater above, haha.

Sweet treats,

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