Wear Your Music

I've been wishing for some headphones since basically forever. They are not exactly the epitome of practicality, but goodness, aren't they good? I would love to stroll round the town with a pair of bad ass cans on my ears. Oh well, maybe sometime in the future?
But that didn't stop me from doing a fair-share of research, you know, just to find out what's on the market.
First off, if you are wondering what are the exact differences between headphones and earphones, you can find out here. These guys are pros. Also, to my shame, I had no clue that there are so many types of headphones available out there: noise-cancelling, full size, audiophile, portable, wireless. Phew!
Now that we know what we got ourselves into, let's try out the "lighter" versions. Ultra-fashionable? Yes, please! Some of the coolest pairs I've found until now are part of the selection available at Urban Outfitters. Each pair is unique, colorful, vibrant, a complete yumfest:

(also, a click on the photo will take you to the headphones page)
all photos: UO

Sure thing, I couldn't help myself and had to compose something on Looklet as well.

(click the photo for direct link to the other views)

Now would you please excuse me while I go to listen (again) to some newly re-discovered 80s music. I think it may be a chain reaction what is happening here with headphones and all that...

How do YOU wear your music? I'm dying to know.

Sweet treats,


  1. I agree - headphones are great! I normally use them when I'm stressed/angry/upset...put some rocking tune, blast the volume up to max...and I always feel better somehow! I have a pair that is white, but shiny brown on the main speaker bit (sorry, bad description) which I love. I like the photo you did - headphones + converse are a brill combination. I would wear my converse that has orange flowers on them so that I can avoid looking too indie-chic.
    Great post, daiane. I love your blog.

  2. I've been looking at both those seagreen ones for a while with envy.

  3. @lis: since i only have earphones (hey, for now ;)) i like to turn the music as loud as possible using the speaker system on my desk...
    and about converse...i wear them almost daily, with anything from girly dresses to jeans ~ to comfy to give up. thanks & xx
    @An (ex) alien in new york: are those great, or what? sigh.
    @Mary: glad you like'em too, dear :)


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