Two Minutes Hate or A Man's Take on Fashion

Introducing a new column on Sweet Fancy Treat! If you're wondering what the title stands for, this is what happens: every once in a while, a new emerging fashion item will be reviewed from a man's point of view. While the majority of fashion bloggers&promoters are girls and women, should be interesting to see just what real-life men think about online fashion-fantasies. Wait! If that wasn't enough, then yes, you should also reffer to the respective Wikipedia page.

Long story short, you are very likely to have noticed that the Acne Atacoma shoes are highly praised by the fashion world. And if by this you presume I mean bloggers, clients, celebrities, well, you are totally right! Case in point:

Spotted on a model during Copenhagen Fashion Week:

...on Alexa Chung. Ok, the shoes, just come as they are, but how on earth can she explain those thin socks peeking out? Was the pain of wearing the shoes so unbearable? Does she hate the shoes so much? But I digress:


The Atacomas are actually named a "modern marvel" on MTV's Buzzworthy. Aham. the Acne Lookbook, together with some equally intense relatives:

And now, without further ado, let me introduce you to the 2 Minutes Hate:

"Imagine you were a carpenter. Imagine you had a chunck of leftover wood. Imagine you needed shoes and you weren't creative enough to come up with dutch slippers. Imagine you'd want to make the chunk of wood soft to touch, so you'd wrap it in your ox. Imagine the endless posibility:

But wait! Your neighbour wants a pair. It's up to you to charge her 350 EUR and persuade her that they are not orthopedic shoes at all and that she will look very attractive in them."

Ladies and gentlemen, once again, the infamous Atacoma shoes:

Your turn! Want to submit for review a specific item? Please do: or @sweetdaiane

Sweet treats,


  1. Socks and shoes are her thing, are they not?

  2. It's the Balenciaga/Sam Edelman boot thing. Some love them, some hate them. It's fashion :)

  3. @Deidra: yes, same as those! i just wanted to take a second and remember that's the way fashion works: not everyone loves everything. and that diversity of opinions is the best!

  4. very informative post thanks for sharing it I like it really awesome collection

  5. Socks and shoes are her thing, are they not?


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