Transitions: Polka Perfection

♠The best pair of polka dotted tights I've ever seen. Wicked stuff.♠

I love summer but I hate to feel it ending. Yes, some still consider it early. But when mornings are chilly, evenings too, leaves fall down and the sun sets earlier, you know autumn is just around the corner.
But that doesn't mean skirts, dresses and shorts will be going anywhere, right? Aha, let's just twist things around a bit and wear patterned tights which will make everything more interesting. The best thing about going for things with polka dots is that they go with ANYTHING! Anything at all. There's no stopping these babies. From regular sneakers, to a slouchy pair of converse, high heels, Mary-Janes, platforms, you name it!

Surely, polka dots can be found on almost every other type of clothing out there. But I love to see them insinuating themselves into an outfit to transform it from "Myes" to "Fantabulous" in one millisecond.

Allow me to demonstrate. Three different outfits featuring such tights in one editorial, polka dots galore:

photos via Haute Macabre

As I was documenting for this post, I learned that:

1) It's not as easy as it may seem to spot those polka dots in fashion editorials. Well, even if you already know all the eds by heart. I found that searching after "polka dots" tag was totally irrelevant and had to come up with other ways of tracking them down. And without landing on shopping websites, thank you very much.

2) Must make polka dots even more interesting by EMBELLISHING them. And this subject could go on & on for hours. Perfectly illustrated in this photo:

DIY embellishing tutorials can be found on Park and Cube and from Cocorosa to name a few. These two made the rounds on the internet quite a lot so if you didn't stumble on them until now, you have no idea what you've missed. So! Grab a pair of tights (with polkas on them, preferably) and start sewing on them anything you find appropiate, really. Good luck! Oh, and I also plan on embarking on such a project, and when I do, oh my!

3) Polkas + Anything Short = Cuteness. You don't need maths for this, it will look spectacular because it reveals the entire leg depending, well, on how up are you willing to go. Ahem:

photos: tfs

I plan to make this "Transitions:..." post into the first of a series. To be continued...
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