Transitions: How To Find Your Fashion Mojo

Eventually it will happen: you will sit in front of your closet and stare blankly at what's inside. You know all the clothes, worn them in multiple combinations, know what goes with what yet that spark doesn't come to you. We've all been there, and I am sure we will be once again, each time seasons interact. I refer at it as an interaction because that's what happens. Exiting the house in the early morning, bare feet&skirt seems unnatural at low temperatures. Yet at noon, you feel that it takes only one more step to melt down all over the asphalt. So, what can be done?

1♠ "Practice makes perfect": whoever said it first was a complete genius. How do we apply it here? Take a few minutes to put your mind in order. Then start mixing items which belong to different sets: long-sleeved T-shirts with shorts, thin blouses and jeans etc. Try the unthinkable, you will be amazed at what can come out.
Extra idea: pick a topic, a subject for the outfit. Mine would be cookie, cupcake, candy or sparkles most of the times, but that doesn't mean gray-partay or iced-mint won't work equally well. Let the final look speak a bit about yourself before you do. I was surprised yesterday when a lady whom I met for the first time told me how much she liked what I had on. Small things like this can really make one's day. Oh, and nice song links with a perfect timing. But that's another story.

2♠ Music! Make some noise, turn the speakers to the max and start dancing around a bit on your favourite tunes. I guarantee you will get into the groove and new ideas will start bouncing around, take your hand and allow you to make the perfect pick. Really, it's all about the soundtrack. I never, and I mean never start choosing what to wear without somekind of spectacular song going on in the background.

3♠ Don't try to think real hard about what would be right to wear. There's no such notion and it will only make all the fun go away. Really: if you think a silk, decorated blouse and a pair of cookie-colored sneakers are the winning match, it's very possible they are. Go with the flow and make it feel like you. Everyone else will notice how well you know to wear what you have chosen. There's one word for that: charm. You've found your fashion mojo.

This is post number two from the "Transitions..." series which started yesterday. The aim of it is to make shifting to fall 2009 smoother. You can read the first part entitled "Transitions: Polka Perfection" right here.

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