Saturday Pom-Pom Girl

Goodness, staying alive in these leggings or what are they it's an extreme experience all by itself. They keep me way too warm. Thus it was necessary to choose the lightest top. Word is, this should be the first day of autumn. I'm not sure: should one believe it or not? The weather is changing so fast! One moment it's (still) raining, the other the sun is shining brighter than ever. Obviously, the climate does not agree with me, so I have to force my way out at all times, haha. Ok, faux leather leggings♥converse♥belted nightgown. I never actually slept in it, just kept it in the closet and admired it from time to time. I have this one since what seems forever, but it aged quite nicely.
Hope everyone of you has a pleasant Saturday!

Sweet treats,

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