Ok, Your Pause Is Too Long.

Hey! This is what I enjoy this Saturday:

#1 Lounging around& watching Project Runway. If I'm not mistaking (and I highly doubt that, haha) Heidi was sporting a pair of this YSL Tribute pumps in episode 2. A grey pair which I highly suspect was suede. Not too bad of a choice here either:

photo credit: iconology

#2 Special lighting effects in photos and ridiculous head-pieces. Still pondering whether I'd say no to one of these. Goodness.

photo by Jacques Dequeker from here

#3 Fresh, good-looking designs win my heart:

Photo from Love Issue 2, which has received somewhat of a makeover in terms of design. Photo credits to the creators over at Suburbia. Inside a special feature of Tavi, aka Style Rookie. Amazing, as always. Also, on the cover is Coco, daughter of Sting and Trudie Styler. Can't there be just one single magazine I won't fall for? No?

OK, back to whatever was I doing before... I'm going to venture outside in this silly heat that makes me feel like I'm melting. September, can you hear this scream? GET OVER HERE!

Sweet treats,

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