No One could Look so Good in a Pink Bathrobe

except for Sophia Loren, of course
photo credits: RDuJour

recap: today... ♠ woke up to a panicked world facing colder weather: well, tomorrow IS September ♠ enjoyed breakfast in front of the TV ♠ online browsing&reading ♠ attempt to read some more useful, written stuff ♠ cake break ♠ attempt failed, some more internet photos & lots of music! ♠ radio pause - worth it ♠ definitely, not doing the double-denim is nonsense ♠ back from town ♠ some more reading+some writing ♠ new music: goodness, I had no idea I could enjoy this, but it was fun for that time of the day ♠ switching to radio again though ♠ lunch break ♠ coffee break (not to be mistaken) ♠ going to take the school test for the driver's license ♠ got it ♠ out&about ♠ returning home ♠ eat ♠ POP! on RFB ♠ writing ♠ The xx ♠ the end.

Sweet treats,


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