I Baked You A Pie. Or Three.

This post has the same sweet taste of freshly backed goodies. Where they started from: Towards the middle of August autumn slowly starts to peek into the world back again. It takes time to adjust to the idea: it will involve nostalgia. But we will eventually have to get the warmer clothes out from the back of the closet (no, I personally don't want this to happen either).
It's a good thing to have some sort of plan for the next month or so: time flies like you would never expect and an entire week can dissapear so easily when it's only about vacationing.
Best advice? Mentally prepare for autumn. It doesn't have to be a total bore, just imagine how many accessories will be back to daily usage. Think colored tights, socks, scarves, berets! And the technique that will totally steal the show in the end? Why layering, of course! Lots of it, in any possible way, so wicked! Other items to focus upon are: the shortest skirts on the planet, 80s, hot color hues (think neons), selected prints with a bit of folklore thrown in.

Now we arrive at the part where three looks illustrate the way I want envision this fall to be: imaginative, lively, outstanding!

The outfits below were created using Looklet, which I personally consider to be a rendered Polyvore. Each with its advantages, though. Product info can be seen on the right of each photo.

♥ This girl loves to start each of her mornings by slowly enjoying an omelet and then rush out the door, grabbing her biggest bag on the way. She loves to have everything at hand, but she won't sacrifice a chic look for that. Big fan of all sorts of quirky accessories, she will always include more than one in her look, be it a vintage item or a smart-casual jewellery piece. Anything handmade will make her day. Pairing these with extravagant pieces of clothing is what makes her look amazing each time.

Her's a close-up. Brooches are all the rage all year long, but autumn-themed ones are a surprisingly fresh adition regardless of the season:

♥ Our second girl loves to feel comfortable. She will always feel at ease wearing the most extravagant mix of prints and colors. For autumn, she chooses earth tones, which can be admired in her outfit from top to bottom. She won't hesitate to wear heart prints, stripes, ethnic and floral, all at once, and always be ahead of the game. Because she's such a risk taker, she will take her camera with her wherever she goes to capture any cool instants. It suits her spirit so well.

♥ The third girl likes to play it cool and cold. On the outside, of course. She does princess and she does sporty, her style is a mix between the two. Not a major color lover, she takes advantage of the gloomy autumn to indulge in an all-black outfit. She knows how spice it up though, with a bit of lace peeking out here and there, with a playful beret and a foxy skirt. The final touch comes with the accessories: a pair of booties and a huge bag to fit all the artworks done the previous night. Then we can catch one more glimpse of her as she sets out into the busy city.

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Sweet treats,

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