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It frequently happens that I bump into things and just think "Hey, these belong to the same story!". It's a fascinating process because most of the times the sites aren't connected in any way, thematically speaking. But today was top of the tops. I first saw this new furniture pieces which look more than, uhm... yummy. If that's a criteria for appreciating furniture, well, let it then be! I mean these look like chocolate cakes and candy treats. In perfect, natural shape, hah. It must be so fun to have this in the living room, I can't even begin to imagine. Anyhooo, immediately after fantasizing about these, I discovered photographer Bruno Dayan. Besides some drop-dead gorgeous fashion photos in his portfolio, he also has some ads done for the likes of YSL, Moschino and Louis Vuitton. Visit his website to see them all lined up.

I have to add that I usually don't search for anything in particular, just browse away and if I see anything interesting, just bookmark the thing. It's one of the ways I'm having fun on the internet. Plus, it's so relaxinggg.

What's your way of browsing? Do you happen to see small stories coming out of different photos too? Tell me.

Sweeter treats than usually,

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  1. love how you related the fashion pics with the furniture ones!


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