Get Out Your Pencils. PR style.

I've been very busy on fully enjoying what is left of summer, hence the lack of any updates in last couple of days. Today, after spending some time trying to figure out the best answer out of a contradictory bunch on some driving school test, I decided a break was totally deserved.

A Project Runway Season 6 Episode One was the kind of break I had in mind. I will soon get more comfortable to watch Episode 2, yes, but let's just stick to this one first. Skipping any other intros, I was totally in awe at the sight of what Christopher Straub designed:

photos from BPR via

A similar design can be seen on these handbags he created, the petal motif and all making them be "full, vibrant and lush". Awww....

Apart from all this, this show only confirms my personal opinion that you have to know how to market yourself. If the final goal is to SELL, well, that is what has to be pursued (Ari should learn fast the lesson). Sell: a short word with lots of implications. These would include finding that unique touch that makes your designs different from all the others, that special and recurrent trait. An ability to apply it into any kind of market you aim, see example Christopher for bags->>>dress. Cool. It's something worth to be appreciated. In today's world, selling is a skill and promotion is a neccessity. A look in the Designer's Shop will show how Christopher's section stands out of the rest of the participants... nuff said.

Really, really smitten by this dress that Ra’Mon-Lawrence Coleman created. Saying that it's an elegant, timeless design would be a major understatement...

photo from BPR via

Side Note: For Ep.1, Ari's eliminated design and Irina's had the highest pricing out of all the auctions... HMM!

While writing about Project Runway, I made the funniest connection with my ongoing process of passing the driving school test. Some Q&A are ridiculously stupid, and it's a rather complicated process of elimination that has to be undergone to solve the questionaire. But! After all, there is a bright side to every misfortune. Haha: honestly, I can't wait to hear something similar to "You're in. You can leave the runway."

Sweet treats,

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