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It's hard to ressist anything related to Audrey Hepburn. From her movies to gazing at her photos or going through magazine spreads she was featured in... hard to name all these time consuming, if at all. This particular set of Audrey inspiration will provide you with quite a few hours well spent. My favorite of the bunch were some pieces of advice, Audrey style! So I transcribed it from a (photographed?) magazine page.
Keep in mind all these are from decades ago, say... mid 20th century?

The basic ah-mo:
♠ Wear your clothes, don’t let them wear you.
♠ Ignore trends, you are above them.
♠ Study yourself and make the most of your assets. Everyone’s got something beauitiful to emphasize. Highlight it and ignore the rest. There’s no point spending years in therapy “accepting” yourself. As the Brits say, “One must take the rough with the smooth.”

♠ Get a good tailor - everything should fit.
♠ Think classic with a twist, never let your clothes enter a room before you do.
♠ Dress appropriately. The time to unveil your Sabrina ball gown is not when everyone’s slumming around the backyard. Alternatively, unless you are Bob Dylan or Fran Lebowitz, it is disrespectful to show up at a major awards ceremony in a dinner jacket, jeans and cowboy boots.

♠Always look sharp. Audrey never traveled anywhere without requesting an iron from room service. And she used it too.
♠Keep your shoulders back, listen intently, and smile.
♠Count your blessings.

Audrey kept things so simple all the time... unlike many "icons" today, she always looks warm and close. Even with all this time standing between her and us...
photo credits: ana_lee
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