Eat, Pray, Love ~ Book Review

It seems these days are only used to enjoy the free time I have on my hands to laze around and not do too much of... well, anything. Except dressing-up, gazing at the sun, sleeping and reading. The book on my nightstand for the last week or so was Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

It's not always recommended to follow-the crowd-onto-the-next-best-thing, but this book, well, it's another story. I heard about it last year and, on Christmas, I got it as a present for my mother. It never crossed my mind I could read it too sometimes. Preposterous! But here I am, more than half of a year passed and I finally decided to know why this book is so famous.

At first, the reader is introduced into a breakdown of the book, as the author clearly states it. The book is made up of three main parts, in which Liz (the main character) travels to Italy, India and Indonesia to heal her wounds and readjust to her real self. Honestly, when I first read this, I rolled my eyes and thought that reading about metaphysical experiences, no matter how interesting, just wasn't my cup of tea. But as I kept reading on, and entire pages just melted away in a matter of hours, I saw it was not only life coaching, but also humorous and even lighthearted.

Here's how Liz travels: spending four months in each country, during an entire year. The first one was Italy, where Liz was dedicated to learning Italian, which she considered to be the most wonderful language on the planet. She was also busy experimenting with every dish in local cuisine, practicing Italian with the locals, strolling around Rome and trying to figure out which was her favourite fountain.

The Indian experience is a completely different story though: Liz gets to stay in an ashram and be spiritually guided by her guru, who she never really gets to see. She practices yoga, works, meditates and lives quite a tough life. Towards the end of her stay, she achieves the ideal mental state which allows acquiring peace with her own self and everyone else.

The last part of this world-wide adventure takes place in Indonesia. Here Liz finally reaches a complete state of well-being. She helps a local healer&her family to get a place to live, meets a man who will become her husband... and so many other inspiring people & acts!

I can only encourage you to get your hands on the book, if you are in for a fun, well-written experience!

For more reviews, head over the official site. I was so delighted to see real photos with those mentioned in the book! Of course, it also made me feel a bit like a two-year old, who reads only books with photos inside. Eheh, not the case this time because the text was more than suggestive. Definitely worth seeing: photos, FAQ (great stuff there) and surely, where to eat the best pizza in Napoli...

What books do you find inspiring?

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