The Best Things In Life Are Free

Hey, I'm back! And with lots of things to upload here. Lots of photos, some recent stuff I've been up to and we could go on and on. I'm working on those. Anyway, this is what I had on today on a city stroll. You couldn't tell, now could you? The hat is from my grandma, got it yesterday. I just replaced the old ribbon with a couple of new ones, in different colors. Even though it might have been better to just leave it without anything on top. Oh well. Worn with graphic dog tee, as I like to call it, cut-offs, converse and a random tote. Later!

Sweet treats,


  1. You look lovely! I adore the hat.

  2. thanks! i have to be very grateful to it for not letting me melt in the hot sun that shines outside. oh yes. xo


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