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My name is Diane and I'm in my 20s. I live with a bunch of old people and I'm travelling soon. I want to wear something comfy but stylish and of course I don't want to spend too much on clothes too. Because more money I save more fun I can do on my trip.
Anyways I went to Burlington Coat Factory to come up with an outfit.
And before I buy them I want to seek advice. So here's what I have in mind:

Black leggings
Plaid brown with black lines button up dress. It's a dress that I can tie in the back. It's length comes up to mid calf.
I have faux suede boots.

And I don't know what to do with my hair.
Should I wear some sort of hat or scarf?

I badly need some help here.
I don't have bffs around so I'm lost.


Thank you very very much
Diane C.

Hi Diane! Well, You've definitely raised an issue here. I've put together some guiding lines for you. These will help you organize your suitcase in the best way possible. Rule number one: wear only what you feel like wearing. Do this all the time and you will feel confident about yourself and, most of all, happy.
Now, onto some more pieces of advice. You say you live with older people. Well, that's great! Hear what they have to say or ask for advice everytime you need it. Bonus: ask them whether they have some items/pieces of clothing that they don't need anymore and would be willing to give to you. If they don't, ask if you can borrow something from them for a short period of time. I'm talking from experience: vintage objects are unique, and were made to meet high quality standards. Sadly or not, almost all of them top today's products.

Funny, I'm in some sort of small vacation right now. Fun and work involving, fact is I had to pack for two full weeks. I'm happy that we are at least in the warm season, here in the northern hemisphere, or else I would have no idea what to do with all the luggage I have to deal with!

What to Pack: Travel Essentials

Trousers: Pack at least two pairs of long trousers. These might as well be jeans or anything else you feel extremely comfortable wearing. Remember, you should be able to move with ease, and also keep the temperature level down to a decent limit. So don't pack extra warm trousers if you're travelling in summer, no matter how comfortable they are!

Short-shorts: Everyone should have a pair. Go look for one at local shops in your town, I'm sure you can walk out with a fairly decent priced piece. If you are not that comfortable at wearing them, choose a mid-lenght pair. These can be worn with all sorts of long, flowy blouses or with short dresses you can't wear without some sort of underpants.

T-shirts: My advice would be to pack all of them. Well, not if you own twenty pieces, but preferably as many as the days you are leaving for. Number of tees equals number of days. Or they should. You wouldn't want to wear yesterday's T-shirt if it is all sweaty or stained.

Dresses: Ahhh yes. Totally make room for at least three dresses. They are the most versatile pieces of clothing. Really, if you don't know what you are in for the day, just throw a dress on and you will be ready for anything. Not to mention, they make a terrible fine first impression. A dress, even it's the simplest model out there, will leave the others with the impression you are well-dressed and chic all-over!

Shoes: Sandals, of course. Make these one or two pairs, just make sure they won't give you sore feet, ok? It can ruin the entire day, especially if you have to do a lot of walking.
One pair of waterproof shoes. That means: sneakers, light boots or anything else that won't let the water pass through. Those faux suede boots go in this category. Extra tip for boots: wear them with midlenght summer dresses.

Hair and accessories: Depending on your hair lenght, you can style it in multiple ways. Tie it in a bun at the back or at the top of your head. Braid your hair, pin a huge flower, wear a quirky hairband. Don't forget about hats! They are the best way to protect your hair from excessive heat damage or, why not, help you go incognito! Just keep this in mind: a hat will always draw attention onto your face, making it easier for people to remember it.

Other items the traveller needs:
-> Rain coat.
-> One casual sweater that can be worn even over a dress. Hint: choose one with a zipper in the front so you can easily take it off at any point.
-> Leggings, why not? There is an on again-off again love relationship with these, but if you are fond of them, do pack a pair or two. They are lightweight and offer a multitude of options.
-> Try to make room in the suitcase for a city bag. Yes, the kind you just throw on your shoulder and look like a native. If you will be carrying around a backpack everybody will see you as just another tourist. Blend into the atmosphere of the place and explore, explore, explore!

This is what I generally consider to be some guidlines worth following if you are planning a trip and have that annoying packing dilemma. Oh, and one last tip: you know you did a good job when you don't have to sit on top of the suitcase to close it, ahaha. That means you are one wise traveller. Have a great trip, don't worry about a thing and have mad fun!

Looking for more advice? Check out the other fashion and beauty D-guides I wrote.

Sweet treats,

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