Oh, The A(r)mor? Blame It On Your Evil Twin

The site was lust launched. It's a jewelry line, but not any jewelry line. It stands somewhere between avant-garde and conceptual work. But I wouldn't hesitate at calling it even casual. Why? Well, because all you need to wear it is the plainest outfit in the world. As in... a long white tee. No fuss. Just throw the armor around it and voilà! Queen of hearts.

The About page defines the pieces as a "unique sculpture for the body that reflects the lifestyles of those who aren’t afraid to push boundaries". It's about daring, about decorating your body in the most inoffensive way there is.

The creator of A(r)mor is Sandee Shin, who started this as a hobby. It's very noticeable that close attention is given to each piece and yes, "every piece is made-to-order and hand crafted with attention to every detail". What more could I add? To your A(r)mor, warrior!
photo credits: a(r)mor and a(r)mor blog
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