Now It's The Only Time I Can

photo via lolita

This photo makes for a great morning, doesn't it? Flowers, braids, the smell of coffee. Aah. I almost feel like hula-hooping. Ok, that may come from seeing these:

Last summer London architects Yes We Can Architecture put up this instalation in the courtyard of the 18th century Hotel d’Aurès music school, Montpellier, France. It was called Qui est “in”, Qui est “out” after a song by Serge Gainsbourg.

300 hula hoops !!! all in highlight green. yaaay. more info here.

Sweet treats,


  1. The first photo is so so cute!!

  2. Oh, my! All those hula hoops together - it's like some kind of an alien but not dangerous tree, in neon green, cheering up old walls and defying gravity. Amazing.

  3. haha, madness right? how come we didn't think of that?

  4. The first photo is so so cute!!


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