Never-Ever Put A Stop To It

I promise. Each time a day passes by without writing something here seems like an eternity. No joking. Must take into account I'm currently still a bit dizzy from that super-flu I've caught last week and still sneezing my heart out. Totally.
I've doing my fair share of reading these days. Nothing new. But! Everywhere is all this talk about upcoming fall campaigns (already running!) and fall wishes & cravings and the list could go on and on really. But honestly, I can't be bothered to care right now. We're not even approaching the middle of this summer. Can we please just forget fall will (eventually) come and enjoy being out in the hot-hot sun all day? Yes? Why, thank you.
Given the mood I'm in, I've just deleted the stream of photos I've been meaning to post with eye-candy du jour and I decided only to let you with this one photo. The essence of what I'm actually babbling about. I'll shut up now.
And oh-uh, yes, info:

Photo: Carlotta Mainago
Magazine: Mixte #62.
Illustrations: Gustaf Von Arbin
Model: Tanya Dziahileva
(photo taken from here)

Sweet treats,

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