Wanderings at the UAD Vernissage

I have to warn you about this photo stream laying ahead, but it's (really) the smallest bit of what was on show yesterday evening. The graduates of the University of Art and Design displayed their creations in a gigantic showroom, hosting over 2500 pieces of art. The vernissage and speaches were held yeasterday. Also, the place, as huge as it is, was packed with visitors, graduates, friends and families. I wandered around taking zillions of photos. Those here are some of my favorites. Photos, paintings, mixed media, all sorts of beautiful things going on.

This are just two from an entire series of photos. Gorgeous:

I just sat in awe in front of this paper dress:

Series of photos again... there were several more like these from the same author, all having the same expresivity:

Clowning around...:

This clothes were half creepy, half mesmerising. But a good idea, non?

Several pieces having the same shape, but made from different materials:

If I remember corectly, these hats were made using only traditional techniques:

I loved this instalation. I suppose it's a modern interpretation of the Chinese water torture? Anyway, it was hypnotizing to watch water drops fall from that balloon:

This girl was part of her work. Literally. She was so cute standing there patiently, with people taking her picture and gathering around her. Very-very bold. Loved it. See how her face, hands and feet are painted in connection with the paintings behind her:

This was a huge panel featuring smaller frames with various decorations. Like paillettes, small beads (oh yeah) and all sorts of fabrics:

These must have been my favourite pieces from the vernissage. Metal and wood jewellery. I have no words to express further admiration. Just watch them sitting under glass bowls:

Standing under infinity. Literally. A huge collage made using photo manipulation and suspended from the ceiling in the shape of the infinity sign:

This, this was mind-blowing. Some small figures (see bottom) were all holding a herd of balck balloons. Or that's how I saw them. Sure fact: it was breathtaking. Those round black shapes were moving slowly at every movement of the air inside the room. Hardly standing still and so-so fine:

Ok, this was the compressed and subjective view of the vernissage. The creators of these pieces and installations will each be holding a dissertation this week. I'm already looking forward to 2010 showing.

Update: a shorter entry on this topic on RFB.

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  1. that cool! I loved the photos.
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