T(r)ickets to Wonderland

Morning! I just woke up to this colorful editorial which put me in the happiest of moods!

Magazine: Numéro Tokyo (July/August 2009)
Editorial: Solo Dance
Photographer: Hans Feurer
Model: Tanya Dziahileva
source & rest of the photos: maimon@tfs

And on top of all that, I'm listening to the new album of Patrick Wolf:

photo credits: altamiranyc

If you didn't listen to any of his songs, you have no idea what you've missed. Plus! He has an amazing (if weird) sense of fashion. Now would you please excuse me while I picture myself in wonderland, while listening to good music, as told. xo

Sweet treats,


  1. one can almost do no wrong with sea-side photos... And the clothes, make me think about flying around. I'm only wondering why the model is looking so unhappy (pissed-off) here? or is it just me :D

  2. you're right, she is looking sort of 'serious'. photographer's directions? :))

  3. ahh, Patrick!~ I took that photo at London Fashion Week


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