Paper Twists Really Good. And I'm Not Talking Origami.

Ana Hagopian traveled the world from Asia to South America. The knowledge and experience she gathered are put into her work. Ana makes paper jewelry. All recycled and recyclable materials. Not to mention, beautifully colored. You can feel life bursting out of them. I must say, these pieces look so exotic and versatile to me. Think about wearing five of these bracelets on one hand:

A ring on the other...

A necklace like this with a long pastel dress:

Or a necklace like this one to a fancy soirée! It's called Poppy Paper and I'd totally see it paired with a short LBD:

An this other necklace, with jeans. Or if it's long enough, it could be twisted into a thicker bracelet?

On a non-related fashion issue. I love it when designers pay enough attention to how they present themselves to the world. I've said it before and I'm not getting tired of saying it any time I have the chance. I mean, watch and learn from Ana: quality downloads, great site, relevant info. Plus! High-res images of the products and downloadable CV. That's how it's done. You've got to help people to help you. It's how we get through.

Sweet treats,

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