On a day like this, all I can think about is lay on my back atop a huge pile of ice cubes

I read somewhere (long time ago, super fan) on iCiNG that if you want people to remember you, you should wear a hat. So true! Everyone will focus on your face, notice it carefully even if unconsciously. Not to mention that it makes for a remarkable element in any outfit. So, in a crowd nobody will see you as, say, "the one with purple skirt" but "the one with the hat". And chances are you happen to be the only one wearing a hat on most occassions. Hats do make for a distinctive feature while at the same time increase visibility.
See here, back in October was the last time I wore a hat. Shame on me. I envisage a huge, floopy hat would be the perfect summer accessory (if you ignore the water bottle, of course).

Any other hat persons out there? I'd love to hear if so!

Sweet treats,


  1. My mother was a hat-person, summer and winter alike. I'm not - I have a problem with anything covering my head. But I really started to think that I should give it a try, at least for the summertime. All a nice lonely beach needs to be the perfect place is a huge, feminine hat, besides that water bottle and sunscreen, of course ;)

  2. I didn't think about hats being such a useful thing before. This post made me want to seriously shop for hats! =) The one on the photograph looks great on you.

  3. @carola: well, my hat ideas got stuck with me ever since I was little. i loved to try on all the hats grandma had. and i'm telling you, she had some fa-fab pieces. xo
    @hanna: oh, hats are summer must-haves in any color or shape. go get one too ;) xo


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