Life Is Short: Take Pictures and SMILE!

This collection is very fresh, feminine, flowery and blossoming”, reportedly said Veronica Etro. As all the photos are not up yet on (why? why?) all I can do is drool all over this wonderful pastel pieces. Six outfits, Etro Cruise 2010, via WWD. And guess what? When I've almost given up any hope, finally a model that actually smiles! Now, doesn't that do miracles for the clothes she presents? I've been ranting about this the other day too, but, see, I was right!

Such feminine pieces, you just can't avoid falling in love with these. And you know what? I'm thinking the outfit with the white trousers with be perfect for an office/business outfit. Wouldn't it? Yet again, can't wait for a more detailed review on what was the designer envisioning here...

Sweet treats,

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