let's see, I'll make you RESORT to this

It's not new that resort collections got an entire life of their own by now. Even in such complicated economic circumstances designers manage to keep themselves on track. Somehow. I say somehow because, oh well, it was hard to let myself convinced by at least one collection. One that I could get something out of it... Bottega Veneta resort 2010. 

Not the most representative outfits, but hey, how cool is to put forward (faux? I hope) leather items:

The Bottega Veneta resort looks more... complete as many of other collections out there. Most collections have a pre- air to them. You know, as those pre-fall collections, ten pieces which seem just thrown together randomly and when the real Fall collection debuts the runway it's the biggest difference. Funny, these sure do resemble Fall gear:


A very put together, coherent and grown-up collection. For resort. And I can't omit saying most collections would be amazing if a bit of effort would have been put into the presentation part. Blank studio decors are fine, but why choose a weird looking (if not annoyed) model with strange, robotic poses. It scares me off. I can't even take a better second look at the clothes which are the purpose. Sighs.
photos: style
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  1. I absolutely love it, very simple yet chic and the colors..to die for:)

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