If you can't Decide what to Wear in the Morning you are Not the Only One

I ran into this a short film by photographer Gemma Booth made for her exhibition "The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes". According to her blog, it was "lovingly shot on Super 8 film and was projected on the back wall in The Old Shoreditch Station."

Styling: Polly Banks
Set design: Sarah May
Hair and make-up: Liz Daxauer
Model: Cecile at Union models

Hope you enjoy the film. I see in it more than a treasure box. It's what everybody should do once in a while, looking for a character to impersonate throughout the day. Wearing quirky items just for the sake of it. Or for the fun of getting weird stares in the street. Or for a much more positive state of mind. Wouldn't it be nice?

Sweet treats,

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