Graduate's Gala: Fashion Shows (Part II)

The last batch of photos from The Graduate's Gala. Read the description of the event in this post. And some mixed B&W shots taken at the same event can be seen here.

What followed next was a collection for kids. Created by Andrea Kurti, it was entitled "Play On". The redhead girl was smashing, such an expressive child:

One of the collections I enjoyed most was "Myself" by Amalia Bot. Black, white and grey exclusively:

Natalia Galca presented this collection which had fabulous shapes. Wow, really, I wish all of us would have the skills to layer like this:

Ionela Pop, "Little Punky". It was a joyful collection and the kids had so much fun on stage. Really, nothing can complete the look of the clothes more than big smiles and more jumping around!

Puskas Sarolta's collection entitled "Steel and Ice" was exactly what the title suggested. Gorgeous pastel hues tamed by subtle white splashes:

Mihaela Chiorean, "Zumizu". The kids were terrific. No way could they be convinced to turn around and face the public. So towards the end of the show they were encouraged to dance around, very cute:

Istvan Campan, "Blurred ID". The collection was exactly what I would have expected from him. Urban style, casual but smartly done. Bravo indeed!

Cristina Curcan, "Haute Tricot". I have a soft spot for short bubbly dresses worn with tall heels. Not to mention cats. Aaand little kids dressed in smart, colorful clothes. So obviously I loved this one:

At this point the baterry of my camera was long gone and any attempts to recover a bit of power were in vain. So I don't have any further evidence of what happened next. But I do remember, I see it in my mind...

Sweet treats,

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