Graduate's Gala: Fashion Shows (Part I)

Last evening I attended the Graduate's Gala of the fashion design students from the University of Art and Design. I wrote a post about the vernissage that took place last week, check it out here, it was fun!

But yesterday it was all about fashion and 34 collections were presented. 32 of them belong to this year's graduates and 2 collections belong the fashion designers Alina Botea and Andra Clitan, former UAD graduates. Special guests to the show were Doina Levinta, Ovidiu Buta, Alin Galatescu, and Adriana Tudorache.

I only managed to take, like, 600 photos before my camera ran out of battery. So I only have photos from the first part of the show. Sigh. It was a delightful evening and I must admit, when I couldn't take photos anymore I could enjoy even more the presentations, hehe.

Ok, so photos from the collections I did manage to snap photos. In the order they appeared in the show. Tried to take representative photos, and in some cases I've put up some collages of a few of the outfits I liked best. Enjoy!
First off, pictures of "London Rain", collection created by Alina Botea:

Ana Maria Bota presented a collection for children. They were all dressed in white and cuter than words. Of course, as I later saw in other presentations too, the children were hard to convice to face the public and not the gigantic screen at the other end of the stage:

Laura Popoviciu, "Follie Jollie, Jollie Follie", the winning collection at Espoir Mode:

Next on, Teodora Baciu, "Seria zero". I loved it, the shapes and cuts were extraordinary, including one white cocoon outfit. But the best were some dresses:

I've decided to break this into two or three posts as there are too many beautiful photos still left to show you. Some few hundred left to sort, haha. So, stay tuned, it will be continued...

Update: translated article with some gorgeous B&W photos on RFB! I'll be posting more of the B&W series here too, of course.

Sweet treats,

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