doodle |ˈdoōdl| *__* I Wish I Were There, I Really Do

I can't believe I've never thought about this before. A huge, DIY shared project. Inspiration galore! If you are reading this from London, consider yourself a lucky one: you're in the same city the doodle bar is in. Side note: how cool is to kick out all caps in writing the name? Very.

From the About section: "White washed from top to bottom and with a specially commissioned doodle mural of the river Thames flowing across the walls, the Doodle Bar invites everyone to doodle on the walls, tables, chairs and even the waiters. The doodlebar aims to create a vision of the imagined city - a collage of doodler's hopes and fears."

And if that wasn't enough, it seems fashion designer Vivienne Westwood is/will be holding monthly film screenings. She was ahead of her times back in the day, she still rocks big time.

The Doodle Bar also organises workshops and hosts the DoodlEarth exhibition, "an interactive art installation formed by creative film makers, Squint Opera and award winning illustrator Serge Seidlitz."

Right now, tears are flooding just by reading this piece of info. (Partly) kidding, haha. Seriously, it must be great and inspirational to be part of an event like this. So! Photos to cheer me up from the doodle bar's flickr photostream:

Just thinking that anything is there (yes, including the waiters) is doodle-able and my fingers are itching.

Sweet treats,

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