Di Nouvo: Un Cappuccino, Per Favore.

A change, a change. After almost two years of being a blondie. My hair was blonde allright but as summer hits pretty hard the color gets washed out in a matter of days. And I generally ended up had almost white hair. Imagine the horror. At least if it was icy-white, but nooo. Hehe.
So what I basically had in mind was to get a shade between cappuccino and dark chocolate. Most likely the first one, though. And so it came out. I was warned though that the sun will most likely bleach it in the following days/weeks so I shouldn't be disappointed if that happens.
I haven't had enough time yet to experiment with more hairstyles to see how they look. Wee!
Excuse the self-centered post, but I'm having some busy days and writing just has to be squeezed in between some other works.
But! I do have some posts lined up which I can't wait to share! So keep close.

Sweet treats,

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  1. iti sade tare tare bine cu nuanta asta, parca arata chiar mai bine ca inainte, are a more natural vibe :) in rest, tu ce mai faci, cum mai esti? long time no see :(


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