What Every Girl Should Be This Summer

I'm a bit late with posting this particular ed, but I suspect it's the best in recent times to portray the summer feeling so accurately. I mean... look below.  What to notice: sweatpants can be worn outside the gym only with sky-high heels. Flowers: too many, never enough. Same goes for retro head-pieces. And suddenly, a pair of geek glasses the size of one's face looks great will all of the above. When travelling, it's cool to have suitcases which exceed your size. Or any other size for that matter. Hey, the girl needs clothing options, ha ha. And now letting gorgeous photos to speak for themselves:

"Mary Pop In" 
Publication: Jalouse Paris March 2009
Photography: Ami Sioux
Photography: Anne-Sophie Thomas
Model: Madisyn Ritland 

Sweet treats,


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