Take A Break, Break A Take

One of the higlights of this weekend was me realising how many other jobs I'd love to do. Not only one a time, note that. So I've put up a list of jobs I could take up, you know, just in case people will stop needing buildings for various purposes. Or architects to design them for that matter. 
Without further ado, in no particular order, the list:

- writer. Children's books writer. And then I would go all over the world to promote it and read it to children in libraries.
- (radio) DJ
- art curator
- saleswoman. Note: only for the day. I think I would get bored once I'd get the hang of it. Oh, and not in a clothing shop, surprisesurprise. You know, selling candy all day, ha ha. Sure, working in a concept store would be at the top of this particular wish. That goes without saying.
- (fashion) designer. Making sketches all day and having a big team of other designers under my direct supervision.
- shoe couturist. Does this job even exist? Invent it for me.
- hairstylist, make-up artist. duh.
- professional story reader. Not a job, really, see first line of the list again.
- magazine editor-in-chief.
- actress. In a theater.
- pilot.
A personal definition of the ideal job: loving it so much that it's a daily astonishment that you actually get payed for doing it.

That's it for now, but this list stays open and is subject to changes.

Sweet treats,

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