"Tailor, there's a lady in my suit!"

Last night, the sports fans watched John Higgins stride towards victory in the Sheffield Crucible final. While withholding no credit for the three-times snooker world champion, 's attention focuses on Michaela Tabb, the world's leading female snooker referee. 

Michaela has managed to judge her way through bow ties and dinner jackets and build up an impecable reputation for being professional, elegant and graceful. Players must find the high heels  and the hair-dos intimidating, but your regular male couch potato will hardly put a price on the effort it takes to make a solid female appearance in a generally male sport.

"There were female referees before I started, everybody needs to know that it is not that I was the first referee. I was the first referee to do ranking events and televised rankings events, so I obviously looked like the new girl on the block and was under scrutiny." (www.thesnookerforum.com)

Custom-made gloves by Sudbury’s of Torrington, a hankie, two ball markers and a coin – the largest she can find in her purse at the time – are standard accessories to the black 'uniform'. But here's where being a woman gave her the stylish edge: 

According to Steve Davis, "The end result (to the black tie code - n.b.) would be that people would stop worrying about what the players looked like and just watch the snooker."The strict dress code isn't explicit when it comes to ladies, so Michaela had the freedom - and the need -  to improvise. From tournament to tournament (sometimes from match to match) she switched between diamond and silver earrings, between a diamond cross pendant on a string, a diamond necklace and a velvet collar, between tight and loose buns and ribbons. She never gave up the black pointed  boots which are safe to wear because of the classic lined trousers. 

 thinks it's no wonder that Michaela Tabb was appointed the referee for this year's final and that various magazines are tacking around her for photoshoots.

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  1. Post credits: Zotikos. Thank you for guest-posting! X

  2. Some fun facts about Michaela Tabb: she is 42, a mother of two children and she describes her most embarassing moment as being:
    "Cleaning the cue ball for Ken Doherty at the UK Championship in York, walking away from table and leaving ball marker on it."

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