Ok, so Karl Lagerfeld, the ever praised designer (whoaha, even by me that is) owns just about 100 iPods. I mean, dude, what are you doing with so many?! Small dots for envy here. And he also happens to employ an "iPod nanny" . Yes, you read right. How over the top crazy is that? Karl also confessed to Bazaar that he dreams of being a rapper. I still have mixed images (and feelings) in my head about that. Could one even picture it happening?

Anyway, the most important fact is that these small obsessions of him turn fashion collections into something unique, and well, covetable.

More precisely, let's focus a bit on Karl Lagerfeld Fall 09 RTW. Those helmets are, besides huge, nicely accessorized to turn into a fashionable item. What I find more interesting are the headphones. Karl took one step ahead (as he always does) and made them look more glam. The only point I'd like to make is that they could make you look like an android, but that's fine too, as long as you have a big doo and black&silver makeup to go with them. On another note, not so in love with the clothes in this particular collection. Some are, well, ok. Sure, the fact that I'm not a big fan of the 80's shoulders doesn't help, either. And those were all across the collection even in pieces which look very well behaved at a first glance:

Back to accessories, I'd like to emphasise the gloves above, the short ones with the iPod holder are quite fancy.The long pair is definitely the winner though. All in all, I have to notice once again that Karl's ideas for this collection are quite wearable and, of course, future-forward. 
photo credits: style, rock the trend
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