Paralel Worlds Need Perpendicularity

This photo makes me feel like a princess only by looking at it. Haha. The gown is gorgeous, right And an equally beautiful video, with a little girl and... a dream land. This short film was made by the Brazilian studio Blacklists's Cisma for Adobe. The task was to make anything they wanted by using only Adobe products. Marvellous. Make sure you watch this, it's so worth it! 

Here are some stills. They sort of remind me of something. Maybe Pippi Longstocking, or Charlie and The Chocolate Factory? Hmmm...

You will find more info here, if you want to read a bit about the project. Here a quote that I liked on how one starts making something like this: "Given the creative freedom of this project, I first started to create strange scenes and weird connections between elements of the story in the universe of a little girl." Touch√©!

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