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I figured that if yesterday was Stella McCartney lingerie, we might as well today go a tiny bit further. Bordelle is one brand which was heavily promoted by top fashion bloggers, even since the SS09 collection debuted. See it on Style Bubble back in December last year, or more recently, on Haute Macabre.

The thing is, this lingerie takes advantage of the lack of items to combine streetwear with lingerie. This crossover is beginning to go mainstream: more and more designers promote lingerie as outerwear. Also, just take a peak at how much press coverage Bordelle has had. Especially the piece in the first photo. Impressive, for an emerging lingerie brand. 

Interesting, why isn't there any info about Bordelle the brand or the designer on the official site??? I had to go to different sources and find out that behind Bordelle stands British designer Alex Pop, who prefers to call the collection bodywear. (Trend Land) That's one hint... why on Earth can't I find more about the designer or how the brand was created? 

The bandage and Herve Léger influences from the SS 08 collection didn't go anywhere, but this collection is way more daring. Besides leggings, the pieces are featured with cool hoodies. Fact is, fancy lingerie can even get a sporty tough! RTW lingerie is the future, or at least a powerful, ongoing trend.

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  1. These are tickling my lingerie obsession so much!!

  2. These are tickling my lingerie obsession so much!!


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