It's The 18th Century All Over Again, Ok?

This is my typing away again. After days and days which seemed a neverendingloop. Seeing some minutes which I can finally use to write something down is liberating. Ok, so I've been pondering whether to write about Karl Lagerfeld again. I already did it countless of times here on SFT so I decided to do it again. Then I thought I shouldn't. I mean, who cares if the dude massages his toes with La Prairie creme or not? 

Arnaud Maillard, who worked for Karl, wrote a book in which he unveils all sorts of unknown facts... The book has recently been released in Germany and of course, is causing press releases over and over again if only for this. 

He surrounds himself with a kind of royal court, nobody disagrees with him... and Wherever he goes, there is Pepsi-Cola in a Baccarat crystal glass waiting for him and it gets replaced every 30 minutes. It's like the 18th century. Duh... the king of fashion anyone? By the way, why do so many call him this? He's great, yes, but he's not the only one...

Karl Lagerfeld, 1984. Not Elton John as I thought at first sight, ha ha.

Karl likes to be pampered — he uses the world's most expensive body cream from La Prairie twice a day — even between his toes. As mentioned above.

How much he worked on the H&M collection: I can remember well the two half-days that Karl worked on the drafts. Then he got millions from the Swedes.

He takes photos of himself. Please, anyone who owns a camera did it at least once. (Even if only to their feet). Going on: he has tax debts. That makes him human. 

He's 75. I'm writing about a 75 eccentric guy. Wow me all over again. 

The highest of fashion belongs to an exquisite elite, we must admit it. The rest are personal interpretations. If Karl or any other designer belongs to this elite is a decision you take for yourself. Interpret this as you wish. It's only fashion, after all.

Sweet treats,

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  1. Juicy, but not that surprising after all ;) I would have almost expected something outrageously extravagant from his side.


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