I Love Your Fancy Bikes

There's no stone left unturned when it comes to put fashion names onto more and more products. Hey, the more the merrier! Or at least that's what fashion big names seem to apply. There are some bikes which I happened to find, one carrying the name Hermès and the other Fendi. If you are aware of others, do share, it would be interesting to see. By the way, do fashion empires copy each other with this new trend? It's something in the air...

... something which comes at $4,000 a pop, with stitched leather applied on the handles and on the frame. Hermès collaborated with the Dutch bicycle manufacturer Batavus and let's just say the result is très chic!

The other bike comes from Fendi and it's named the Fendi Abici Amante Donna. It sounds like expensive champagne if you ask me, and you would be right with the expensive part. Because it comes in two versions. One has Fendi Selleria leather accessories (a key and bike chain cover, leather gps navigation holder and a detachable Fendi case) and it costs $5,900. The other one, well, has everything (how could it not?) plus removable fur saddlebags. And it was (carefully, I suppose) priced at $9,500.

Be carefull now! If you do afford this kind of bike you must keep your standards high and be the stylish you can get. Great bikes require great appearances. Just enough so you could decently fit into the Bicyles category on The Sartorialist. See you there!

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