Colour-In & Replacement Dresses

I somehow ran into this innovative dresses and had to share! 
Berber Soepboer & Michiel Schuurman got together to work on two special dresses. The Colour-In Dress allows the owner to customise it following her own vision:

The Replacement Dress is made of three dresses each with a different multicolored pattern. The pieces are hold together with buttons and can be exchanged between themselves. So you will end up having three different 'ingredients' to style the dress the way you like it. Awesome, right? 

credits: Design & Concept: Berber Soepboer
Textile Design/Graphic Design: Michiel Schuurman
Photography: Sander Marsman, S
tyling: Anne Stooker, 
Model: Nina Varga, 
Make-up: Zarah Aharon

Both concepts rely very much on the patterns. They are the work of graphic designer Michiel Schuurman. The idea is that because they are self-designed, the person will care much more about them and therefore, clothing last longer. Clever, right? Well, I'm not sure whether I wouldn't be a bit worried about not messing up the beautiful black&white pattern in the first place, but well. I suppose I should have my eye out not to 'colour outside the lines', haha. Rapidly changing fashion? Here we come! 

Side note: Why don't they put up a colour-in jacket? Water resistant, of course. It would be thousand times more amazing than this dress, if this is even possible. I would totally love one, and it would make any outfit unique because a jacket can be worn with many other pieces of clothing, while a dress is usually a self-centered piece by definition...

Sweet treats,


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