We Do Own The Sky

I embed videos quite rarely. So you'd better believe it is worth letting yourself be amazed by this one. I'm saying it after half an hour of gazing at it in HD. So...

M83 aka Anthony Gonzalez (whose music I have been obsessing with last summer), has chosen the new video for the song We own the sky through a YouTube contest: M83/Youtube. Talk about promotion campaigns. Awesome.
The video above is one of the 84 which entered the contest and its author is David Altobelli. Please do me a favor and see it in HD too, you'll be in awe.

As much as I like the one above, I must agree that the one which was chosen as the winner is much more suited to the essence of the song:

Simple, young, fresh and to the point. That's what Anthony Gonzalez thinks too: "I like the atmosphere of it cause it fits perfectly to the music and the lyrics. It's exactly what I had in mind when I wrote the song.

Sweet treats,

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