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Are these the sparks of the future DIY fashion? 3 in 1. Just like shampoo and hair conditioner, would this be a valid option? Karolina Zmarlak has a RTW collection entitled "Fluid Foundations". Finally, something indeed versatile. Based on an innovative material, the idea of the collection is to obtain multiple shapes of garments from the same piece. The fabric used is responsible for creating a variety of curves and delete unwanted shapes. Moreover, the three ways in which pieces can be styled offer different functions: dress, coat, vest and some variations in between.

Also, this material looks amazing, as if has both bright colors and some sort of glossy finish which gives an elegant look, especially to the dresses. Somehow, making more types of dresses from one piece of material seeems pretty attractive to me. I suppose I would play all day with a piece of fabric like this if I could get my hands on one. But oh well, I suppose pictures will do for now. I wonder, what it will be for the AW 2009 collection? These pieces already seem to be quite consistent for Summer/Spring wear. I think the concept is good, but it has to be a bit more worked upon. Polished a bit so that it can turn into a daily, applicable idea. 

Also, a related side note but quite important from my point of view: if you are an emerging designer and have such great ideas, why not pay proper attention to the way you promote yourself? I mean really, some higher def photos would have helped, especially to see how details are solved. If not that, just provide some press documentation with downloadable materials. Really, one would say this is not important, but the better this aspect is solved, it gives more credibility to the brand, and highlights you as an artist.
photo credits: karolina zmarlak
Sweet treats.

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