It's impossible not to admire his work. Part haute, part haunted, what he creates is simple, unique stuff. I'm talking about Rick Owens. He must have had an adventurous life until his name was properly established and even so after that. So I ran across an interview in which Rick Ownes speaks freely about anything. I guess he must be a good entertainer, as the interview features laughing paragraphs and casual wording.

Side note: I find it particulalry interesting when designers make themselves the subject of photoshoots. 
You'll find two videos about Rick Owens, shot by Nick Knight along with some quotes from the above mentioned interview.

I'm not doing anything very conceptual. My main concept is you don't have to be so conceptual. I'm minimal and straightforward. I'm a Brancusi sculpture, just a slab of metal on a hunk of wood, but it's about the right piece of metal, the right hunk of wood and the perfect gesture.

I know that my stuff is not very flamboyant or fashiony. It's almost monotonous. I see fashion as something more permanent, like art or architecture.

So... goth or not? It doesn't bother me, but sometimes I wonder if they know my aesthetic is more camp than gothy. I'm just a big drama queen, but more queen than drama. My look is about an appreciation of teenage angst without actually having the angst. It's more objective than personal.

I see fashion as something more permanent, like art or architecture. Designers used to be like that, but not anymore. That's what I try to do.

Fashion is a competition whether you like it or not.

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