IM 23

I'm a couple of days late with this post, but here it is nonetheless. The 23rd issue of Ideal Mariaj got out this week! It tops all the previous ones, in my opinion. Really, it's so well done. The photos and articles inside makes you unable to stop reading. I hope I'm not getting over the top here, it's just that I've been totally wow-ed. 

And another thing. This particular dress is the closest to perfection. I've never been more captivated at first sight by a dress. Very pleasant surprise. Everthing under the coordination of Roxana Radu. Thank you!

The theme of this issue was minimalism. My contribution in the form of two articles, one about the trend itself and another about accessories (shoes and jewellery):

And, of course, to close this post properly, check out the previous posts about IM on SFT: 1 (debut), 2.

Sweet treats,

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