The curse of the mind is that it never forgets

If there's something I love about the internet is diversity. Yes. So I have a huge, ever-growing photo folder in which I gather anything I like while browsing. I occasionally do separate posts to share what I found. Some of them went under the title of Moodboard a while ago. But this, this is something new. I recently ran into this particular, amazing photography flickr collection with shots from 50s and 60s magazines. Harper's Bazaar. Vogue. Need I say more? But! At the other end of... art, it stands a sneak preview into the future in the form of an editorial, as seen on Plaza Watch: "24 hrs in 2099". These two opposite aspects become ravishing together. Have fun!


This photo above is part of an editorial entitled "La Grande Bouffe" by Tomas Monka... with focus on watches, what else? I couldn't decide whether I should go for ewww, or wow. You should also know this was the most reasonable of the series.

Anne, for Saks, 1958
... keep an eye out for the future

Junior Bazaar 1954

Macy's 1964

Vogue, 1960

Aren't such clashes inspiring? Different but the same. And empowering. 
photo credits: flickr, plaza watch

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  1. Awesome inspirational photographs :D

    trisch xo


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