Ctrl+V From The Future

Actually these are quite a consistent bunch of pictures I didn't get round to post around the time I took them. Approximately two weeks ago. Wore skirts every day, as you could probably tell.
I enjoy mixing sweet, pink and flowery items with rougher stuff, like black nails, leather, converse. 

Weee. The flowers in the photos are in full bloom as we speak, because they took turns. haha. No, really, some were smaller and it's just now that they bloom. Also, around that time I got many pairs of tights in different colors so I would enjoy some variety in my outfits. But that's another story.

Sweet treats,


  1. I seriously love all your outfits, you have an adorable style!

  2. Lovely title.
    'Ctrl+V From The Future'
    is it a quote or a stroke of inspiration?

  3. I simply adore the way you played all those different prints in the first outfit! Quite fearless :)

  4. a stroke of inspiration, actually. guess all the quirky prints are to blame.
    thank you anna & carola! --blush--

  5. Mum took this pics?:P

  6. @crisdreams: actually, the inside pics are always taken by me. i have a tripod for this :)


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