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You must have heard about the earthquake that took place in Rome on Monday. Well, the tragedy there determined some powerful people in the fashion industry to take action. They are all interested in helping the victims but also contribute towards repairing material damages. Gucci and Blumarine designer Anna Molinari will contribute with funds for the recovery of the city. Also, Versace wants to help victims in a reportedly "organic way"? I'm not sure what that means though. The Brioni fashion house is also contributing to the cause:
"We will provide extra support following this tragedy, which has affected so many people in the region." We are part of the Abruzzo [region] and are directly involved and shocked in what has happened, it will take time to reestablish ordinary life", said Andrea Perrone, Brioni’s co-chief executive office.

If you noticed, they all have Italian roots. It's only natural to help in this kind of situation, especially if you have the power to do it. People leading powerful businesses in such a, hm, shallow world where everything relies on appearances are so quick at giving a hand... I must say I am quite pleased to see that.

I couldn't find much more details on the donation subject, but I found an article about Versace going 8 percent up in 2008 sales... It's good to have the will, power and the means to help. Wish I knew how can you do it in the "organic way" mentioned above...

Anybody have some other infos on this subject? 
source: popsugar, photo credits: citizensugar

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