Where Did You Hide The Rabbit?

Louis Vuitton autumn 2009: Marc Jacobs imagined what could be called a hardcore Alice in Wonderland version of the story. Interesting contrast here in this Paris collection if we take a look back at what he did with his own show for New York

I have no ideea whether I should even bother asking  how models can walk in those shoes (because they are doing it well and strutting down the runway in what apears to be a safe position...) I still have to comment about that medium-tall boots of some sorts pictured in the last photos. I would qualify as something like stripper boots? Why on earth are they forced into so many outfits? Black, shiny patent boots. But! The over-the-knee lenght boots I find to be strangely appealing for one reason or another...

The emphasis still is on the shoulder area. However, it is not going that strong as in the rest of the designer collection. Still, the Balenciaga and Margiela cut of the coats. I will forever reffer to them as this... But Marc camouflaged the structurality under a thick layer of ruffles. Hah. Gotcha. 

Also, there's no such thing as monochrome outfits, even LBDs are subject to sudden splahes of colors. Mmm, bows...

Soft pastels but with rough black accents. Volmetric kind of games, very-very cupcake looking:

photo credit: style.com

It is a very eccentric collection, even for Marc Jacobs. Don't know, the accessories are beautifully done, edgy, in-your-face as they were done. Would you chase this rabbit down the rabbit-hole? It's a risky one. Ta-tah.

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