We Take The Heat Out Of The Sun

These photos are perfect to describe a peaceful atmosphere. It feels like they could be part of a film or a Monet painting, but they are from a fashion editorial. Also, I am totally crazy about those long dresses in the first photo, so delicate. Come to think about it, all the dresses are gorgeous, featuring nice details of lace and other decoration motifs specific for the dresses in that time. Also, notice how subtle the light is used to give more essence to the shots. When I first started to write this, I was thinking why would I make these photos part of the ideal morning photo range? Well, now I know: the great use of light is the cause. I love it when things are so geniusly staged so that you can feel only the effect of the props and not their physical presence. 
photo credit: Go See
Sweet treats,


  1. The light is amazing, I love the mornings when, naturally, things look like this. Peaceful, quiet, calm, sensual. The clothes are v. beautiful, but the beauty of the shoots is given by the lighting and the colours... So nice

  2. They seem rather worried, resignated...

  3. these photos are so beautiful and calm... i love them xo

  4. These are so great, and the clothes are so beautiful.


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