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Before anything else, today marks a semi-anniversary of Sweet Fancy Treat. I am officially blogging on a daily basis for a year an a half now. Yaay! Also, I'm about to hit my 600th post and knowing I kept this thing going on for so much time makes me utterly happy.

Now! Let's talk business. Namely, the outside photos I've been promising yesterday. I reconstructed the outfit I wore on Friday night. And yes, in some of the photos I included a random balloon I have in my studying room. Why, you see, it blends in perfectly with other random items like vintage hats and fashion books. Eh. 
Details: the scarf and dress are new; short black sweater and shoes I have since back in highschool days, tights from some small shop a while ago. 
Notice how the 2 meter knitted scarf looks in real life. You've partially seen it here. The brooch on it I only got yesterday, from my grandma. I think it is more than amazing, she always chooses the greatest stuff. We all suspect it is an owl. Immediately after receiving it, I pinned it to the scarf and there sits since then. Attention, photo galore ahead.

Ok. I think this humongous self-centered post makes for the entire week that somehow flew by. It equilibrates right, no? 
Thought so. Be good.

Sweet treats,


  1. I love your dress! And the scarf adds a lot of personality to the outfit. Yey to spring awesomeness :)

  2. Congrats on so many posts and congrats on a gorgeous, gorgeous outfit!!

  3. You look so cute!I love the grey-purple combination. Have you thought of making the dress a bit tighter at the waist? just a suggestion ;))

  4. long time no see!!!! la multi ani pt blog.... si la mai mare :)) la 5000 de posturi :). frumos tare fularul si rochita! te pup

  5. Cute photos - you look so happy!

  6. thank you so much to all of you! mersi frumos :) i am very happy indeed
    @andra: yes, I also thought it would have needed to be a bit-bit tighter at the waist, but it already had a drop-waist, so I just let that idea flow by. xo


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