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Could this be it? The future of trends... anticipating them is the job of designers of all sorts. Also, the revival of trends from time to time is an acknowledged fact.  The first trend exhibition will open on the 26th of March in Eindhoven. Its curator, Li Edelkoort, wants to prove "that trends are not a brief phenomenon, but are deeply rooted in our daily lives". She is a trend forecaster, and her observations cover a large area of attitudes regarding colors, materials, shapes. Name a domain and it is right there: fashion, photography and design in general. Also, there are peeks into the archives too, to generate a complete image of the evolution of things.  

All these photos are from the current exhibition taking place at Institut N√©erlandais in Paris.

Also, as I was typing this I realised (this happens so often, I know) that these trend forecasters are so little known to the large public. Those who step into the limelight and actually apply trends are named trendsetters. What is the limit? Do they connect to each other's ideas? I mean, at least partially, I can't imagine two of them meeting and discussing things over a cup of coffee. Haha. Unfortunately now, celebrities impose trends today more successfully than any other people. I find that so sad. You know what? I'd rather be a trend forecaster than a trendsetter anytime.

P.S. I had to post this quote, is marvellous and illustrates the entire trend concept. About the Milan Fashion week on The Moment
<<Four days into Milan fashion week the question is no longer "will they do an '80s show," it's what part of that era will the designer mine for inspiration.>>
Hear us roar.

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